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Patrick Johnson
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Ronnie is a world class musicain and guitarist, and has worked with some big names in the business
Fat Pigeon offers bespoke music composition for film, TV, Branding and corporate productions and  services for musicains to bands, so if you are looking for something a little different or have music you would like to be mix and/or mastered for single or album release contact FP.
Patrick has a telant for composing, whatever the genre of music. Great guitarist and strings arrangement.
If you have music you would like to be professionally mixed and/or mastered, get in touch
Meet the Composers
Wayne qualified as a Music Producer,  as well as an engineer & supervising audio for broadcast & films.
Ronnie Johnson
Wayne Reay
Ronnie Johnson - Composer/Musician On leaving school Ronnie went to play at 'The Speakeasy’ club in London, where ironically members of the Van Morrison band recommended him to Warner Bros records with whom he signed. Ronnie left to work in America with singer Paul Williams, and on his return to England auditioned and joined Georgie Fame’s group, during which time he met Geoff Dunn and they began working together.  Met Roy Shipton through mutual friends and together they worked on Peter Green records.  Recorded solo Album for Andrew Brel’s Bridge Recordings with John Edwards and Charlie Morgan, and went on to a fruitful relationship with Van Morrison as Guitarist/Musical Director for nine years.   A Period which includes Geoff Dunn as drummer.   Highlights being “A Night in San Fransisco”, “Days Like These”, “Healing Game”, “Too Long in Exile”, as well asprojects with Sting, Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, and “The Blessing”. CDs: Give Them Enough Rope - Ronnie Johnson Too Long in Exile - Van Morrison A Night in San Fransisco - Van Morrison Days Like These - Van Morrison The Healing Game - Van Morrison The Living Sea - Sting (movie soundtrack) Michael Bolton The Blessing Carrying a Torch - Tom Jones Across from Midnight - Joe Cocker Peter Green - 3 Albums Incognito Georgie Fame Leo Sayer - 2 Albums LIVE PERFORMANCES: Van Morrison Incognito The Blessing Bob Dylan Sting Georgie Fame Zoot Money Richie Havens Marianne Faithful Cassandra Wilson John Lee Hooker Junior Wells Jimmy Witherspoon Jon Hendricks Long John Baldry Leo Sayer Just to name but a few.
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Ronnie is a world class musicain, and has worked with some big names in the business
Wayne Producer and engineer. (I write a bit too).
Patrick has a telant for composing and bring a classical twist to the table, whether it pop, jazz or electronic.
If you have an EP or Album worth of tunes and you would like them to be mixed and/or mastered, get in touch. Remember to complete your form, so we know is you and your zipped file. No work will commence until payment has been made. Turn around is between 4 - 5 days depending on the size of project and work load, you will receive an email if your project is going to take longer. HAPPY MUSIC MAKING! Fat Pigeon
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Services - Mix & Master
Up to 8 Stems £30.00 GBP8 - 24 Stems £80.00 GBP24+ Stems £120.00 GBP
Get your track Mastered. If you require a track to be mastered send us your final stereo mixdown, this can be in WAV or AIFF format, it must be 24 bit at 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz or 192kHz  Make sure your track is not clipping, giveing a little headroom to work with. Remove any master bus plugins, take off any limiters, compressors, eq’s and stereo width processing. Then send it through to us, via the link, price stated is for single track, phone for EP or Album price.
Get your track Mixed To get your track mixed just follow these simple steps Export/bounce each audio track as a WV or AIFF file (i.e. Lead Vocal 1, Back vocal 1, Kick, Hi-Hat, snare, piano, bass... etc).  Mono or stereo files at 24bit, and 44.1kHz, 48kHz or 96kHz. No effect on any of the individual tracks, i.e. compression/reverb/eq/delay etc. please ensure you do keep any plugins used to shape the sound or is a special effect.  Please also turn off any effects/plugins on your master bus too.    No audio clipping. Please note & ensure the following… Stereo tracks count as 2 tracks All tracks are exported/bounced from the same START point in your audio sequencer. We would not want your instruments to be out of sync. Online mixing Rates… Upto 8 stems per song £30 8 to 23 stems per song £80 24 to 80 individual tracks, is £120.   Songs longer than 5 mins please contact for a price, full payment to be made prior to mix being started.
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Fat Pigeon loves music… ...get in touch, we would love to hear from you. Speak soon, FP